Sin_In_Skin Modeling Bloodlust

Sin_In_SKin with Lunatik Bloodlust for a luscious alternative look that have all the boys squealing. Thank you! 🙂


ExoticCandyFloss with Frostbite

ExocticCandyFloss on Instagram modeling Lunatik Frostbite like an Ice Queen. Simply Gorgeous! Thank You!


CupCakeWithRainbows Modeling Killer Candy

CupCakeWithRainbows covered in Lunatik Killer Candy like the cutest rock star on the planet! Thank you so much, you look great!


Necrinity Sporting Absinthe

Necrinity with great special effects make up and bright green Lunatik Absinthe in her hair prepping for the new VF calendar. Coming out soon! Thank you! 🙂


Asifno With Lunatik Asphyxiation

@Asifno on Instagram with beautiful long Lunatik Asphyxiation hair. Great Job, thank you! 🙂