Braaaaaaiinnsss with Lunatik Killer Candy

Ashton Gibbs with Lunatik Killer Candy

@Braaaaaaiinnsss on Instagram with a lovely stream of beautiful colors starting with Lunatik Killer Candy for the pink section of her amazing hair. Thank you!

ElliesSkelington with Frostbite

EllieSkelington with Frostbite

@EllieSkelington wwith Lunatik Frostbite! Thank you! 🙂

Jesse Steele with Bloodlust

Jessie Steele with Bloodlust

The gorgeous and truly beautiful upcoming model Jessie Steele representing our Lunatik Bloodlust. Thank you for your amazing work!

Now available in the UK!

We’ve gotten a bunch of requests from people in the UK and Europe and we’re pleased to announce that we are now available for shipping in the UK and Europe! Now available at Kate’s Clothing!