The Struggle Is Real, But Lunatik Hair Dye is HERE!

Hello to our dearest and most patient supporters. The time has come! Yes after a few unfortunate delays we have our first batch completed and is NOW IN STOCK!! We will be shipping out to our customers and supporters over the next few days.

We had to change our name from ‘Asylum’ hair dye. As we hinted at earlier, Manic Panic’s attorney did indeed contact us on numerous occasions. Unfortunately they went ahead and filed for a number of trademark names and said that we infringe them. They argued that they have a salon called ‘style asylum’ (which we had never heard of) and that it was a conflict for us to have ‘Asylum’ hair dye. See letter below:

letter from manic panic's lawyer

May we add that their trademark applications for ‘asylum’ and ‘color asylum’ had just been filed a month before they sent us this letter, and 8 months after we started promoting our ‘Asylum’ hair dye brand.

Since we are not trying to make enemies, we offered to change the name if they would cover our minimal costs to create new packaging that we had already printed.

They declined, and then started questioning us about one of their former employees named ‘Ken West’, and asking if we were working with them / talking to them. Ken was our manic panic sales rep about 3-4 years ago and I do recall him being a very pleasant person to talk to but we have not heard from him since he apparently left manic panic. Plus apparently one of the many suppliers we contacted over a year ago, ‘Tropical Products’, turned out to be manic panic’s supplier, and they were suggesting that we hired their former employee to go after their supplier. Which is entirely false, we would never want to use their supplier, and at this point, we found ourselves defending ourselves over false accusations, and suffering from added frustration and delays on our hair dye product. The more we tried to cooperate with them in good faith, the more they would demand of us, requesting information that they were not entitled to have. Then, they sent us a cease-and-desist letter, stating that they had filed to trademark the word ‘vampire’ and requesting that we

“immediately cease and desist from any and all use of the VAMPIRE FREAKS mark”.

Yes, they had the nerve to say we can’t use our company name ‘vampire freaks’ at all anymore.
Which is a company name we’ve used for 15 years. See letter below:


Long story short, after much grief and discussions with our lawyer, we decided to change the ‘asylum’ hair dye name in order to avoid extensive legal battles. We believe we had a very good chance of fighting for the name and keeping it but decided it wasn’t worth the time and money it would cost us in legal battles since it is a new product. We held a poll on the ‘VampireFreaks’ site and the winning name is ‘Lunatik’. So we are happy with our new name! Unfortunately this did cause extra delays as we had to update all our artwork and get new packaging labels printed and shipped. As for Manic Panic’s request that we no longer use the ‘vampire freaks’ name, well we basically told them to go fuck themselves:


Note to Manic Panic’s lawyer: we blurred out your contact info, you’re welcome!

Anyway, we are really, really, REALLY sorry for the long wait. It’s been a very frustrating journey Good news is YES WE ARE FINALLY SENDING OUT YOUR HAIR DYE!!!!
We do have a very small amount of bottles with the original ‘Asylum’ labels, so a few of our supporters will be getting limited edition hair dye with ‘Asylum’ labels, the rest of you guys will get the new ‘Lunatik’ brand.
To those of you who ordered merchandise with the ‘Asylum’ name, congrats you have a piece of our history, a super limited-edition product with a name which had to be changed due to unfortunate legal disputes. If you would like to exchange your merch for an item with the ‘Lunatik’ name on it we are happy to swap it out for you.

Thanks again for everyone’s support, we love you from the bottom of our hearts. We believe we can bring you a superior quality hair dye, made by fellow freaks and to support the underground. We know it’s a few months later than we expected, but we’ve been working on this hair dye formula for 2 years! Striving for perfection and going through countless revisions with our lab technicians, we’re happy to bring you a product we can be proud of. Look out for your hair dye in the mail soon! If you need to update your address with us, you can email us at:

We are working on bringing it to a store near you! Tell your local stores to contact us and carry our product! 😉 In the meantime you can order directly from us:
Lunatik Hair Dye at The VampireFreaks Store