Lunatik Hair Dye 

After trying the other bright hair dyes out there, we set out on a mission to create a more vibrant, longer lasting, nourishing hair dye that comes in our favorite colors and doesn’t damage our hair.  We had a long list of other requirements as well and we took it upon ourselves to get this project right.

That’s why we interviewed and worked with over a dozen hair dye companies around the world before selecting the team of hair dye and hair care chemists from one of the oldest labs in the world, located right here in New York. Our hair dye lab has a ton of experience in the industry and they understood what we were looking for.

We were still very, very picky about the formula, what it had to do and the results it would provide. After over a year of testing and modifying the formula dozens of times on live humans, bleached, dyed and un-dyed hair samples, and giving the lab our feedback on how to improve the hair dye results, we’re finally ready to manufacture the dye and bring it to the most important people in our community…you!

We spent so much time on this project because we know what our customers want, we want to provide a superior product to the other hair dyes out there, and we had to get it just right.  We tested the dye on human hair samples, our Vampirefreaks community members, VF models, and ourselves.   We tested the dye against the best alternatives out there, to make sure that it performs the best.

Industry-Leading Science

We’ve been giving the formulas to hair stylists and hair dye experts, and improving the product based on their recommendations. We agreed that Asylum Hair Dye cannot contain any ammonia, peroxide, or cancer­ causing PPD’s. The color is developed using minerals which help nourish the hair fibers, as opposed to other dyes that use harsh furniture and fabric dyes that are primarily chemical enhancers. We made sure that there was no animal-testing done while producing our dye. We made sure that all of the ingredients were safe for humans as well, since so many manufacturers don’t consider removing all the harmful agents and even include some that aren’t considered safe for human use.  Our hair dye was designed to be demi-permanent, which means  it outlasts the semi­-permanent brands but isn’t permanent so you can change it-up in a couple of months.