Eric Howton with Killer Candy

Eric Howton with Lunatik Killer Candy! Guys How amazing is this! LOVE IT! <3 21985897698_9bdf81ef33_h

OuterSpaceMelodies with Frostbite / Asphyxiation

OuterSpaceMelodies on Instagram with an extremely vibrant Frostbite / Asphyxiation combo! Very nicely done! Thank you!

OuterSpaceMelodies on Instagram with Frostbite and Asphyxiation

Miss_Scare with Asphyxiation

Miss_Scare on Instagram with a nice shade of Asphyxiation. 🙂

Miss_Scare on Instagram with Asphyxiation

Poison Ivy Giveaway On our Instagram Account!
We’re seeking 2 lucky winners that are up for dying their hair in a creative Poison Ivy themed fashion using Absinthe and Bloodlust!
See photo for details on how to enter!
Thank you and Goodluck! ❤️?

Lunatik Hair Poison Ivy Instagram Contest 5-24-2016

ShavaeFlavour on Instagram with Killer Candy

Here’s some really cool Starburst themed hair by ShavaeFlavour on Instagram using Lunatik Killer Candy for the pink section!
We love starbursts! Well done! <3 Shavaeflavour on instagram with Killer Candy

Alicexxg on Instagram

Alicexxg on Instagram with Blooglust on her lovely vampire bang style hair. <3 Alicexxg on Instagram with Bloodlust

Tightlaced-Dreams with Absinthe

Tightlaced-Dreams on Tumblr sporting some Lunatik Absinthe.
Thank you! <3 tightlaced-dreams on Tumblr with Absynthe Green

Rogue Hair Studio with Multi-Colored Lunatik Hair!

Melissa created some gorgeous hair using Lunatik Absinthe, Asphyxiation and VF Purple at Rogue Hair Studio.
Amazing blend of colors! <3 Galaxy Hair by Melissa Rogue Hair Studo using Absinthe, Aphyxiation and VF Purple

Dramatics NYC with Asphyxiation

Dramatics NYC shared a great photo of someone covering their whole head in Lunatik Asphyxiation and it looks amazing! Thank you <3 Dramatics NYC Broadway (Luna) With Asphyxiation

Review on Kate’s Clothing.Co.UK

Check out this great review on Kate’s Clothing Blog
We beat Herman by 1 point! Woo Hoo! <3 <3 <3 Kates Clothing Review