Resurrection of Lunatik Hair dye


You can’t keep a good thing down after all. Announcing the resurrection of Lunatik Hair dye back from the grave! And it wouldn’t be a awesome celebration without a good sale right? Right now help welcome Lunatik back by getting one of our awesome colors for just $4.99!!! It doesn’t get much better than that Ghouls!

Lunatik Hair Dye

Lunatik Hair Dye Now Available in Australia!

Good News Australia Residents!
Skullduggery Clothing is now carrying Lunatik Hair Dye!
If you live in Australia and want to try our vibrant colors, now you can save on shipping costs by ordering on their website!


Emeyphoenix28 with Absynthe

Emeyphoenix28 on Instagram with Lunatik Absynthe! Thank you! 🙂

Emeyphoenix28 with Absynthe

Hair Stylist Kara Doyle with VF Purple

Hair stylist Kara Doyle from Bodega Salon & Nail Spa covered her co-workers hair in VF purple resulting in this amazing vibrant head of hair. 🙂

Kara Doyle VF Purple

Hair Stylist Kara Doyle with her Oil Slick design

Hair stylist Kara Doyle from Bodega Salon & Nail Spa created another great piece of hair art called Oil Slick. Thank you! <3 Kara Doyle With Lunatik Oil Slick

Hair Stylist Kara Doyle Creates Peacock Style Hair With Lunatik

Hair stylist Kara Doyle from Bodega Salon & Nail Spa with her fun creation she likes to call Peacock style hair! Using VF Purple, Asphyxiation and Frostbite for a beautiful mesh of colors! <3 Kara Doyle With Lunatik Peacock Hair

Savanna Paige with VF Purple and Asphyxiation

Savanna Paige with a mixture of VF Purple and Asphyxiation for a super vibrant blue / purple look! Amazing results! Thank you for sharing! <3 Savanna Paige with VF Purple and Asphyxiation

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Lunatik Hair Absynthe Instagram Contest 6-14-2015

Melissa Rogers with Killer Candy

Melissa Rogers with sporting Lunatik Killer Candy. <3 Thank you! 🙂 Decomposedrose with Killer Candy

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