Tips and Tricks

Hair Dye Instructions:

  1. Hair should be washed / clean and dry before dying.  We recommend using shampoo but not conditioning before dying.
  2. Wear protective / latex gloves to prevent staining your hands.
  3. Apply petroleum jelly or oil or conditioner to face along your hair line, ears and neck to prevent staining skin.
  4. Generously apply to hair, starting at your roots.  We recommend dividing your hair into sections to get the entire length of your hair. Feel free to massage it in, it will not damage your hair or your scalp.
  5. Leave in for 30 minutes.  For extra dye penetration you can apply heat for 10 minutes with a hair dryer on low-heat setting.
  6. Rinse away from face.  You can optionally shampoo to reduce color bleeding.  Condition thoroughly.
  7. Dry your hair, and rejoice with your awesome new hair color! Send us pictures and let us know what you think!


Perform a strand test first to test for an allergic reaction.

This highly pigmented dye is very intense and long-lasting, and can temporarily stain skin and permanently stain clothing. It can also temporarily stain your sink or bathtub but this should wash out.

Works best on bleached platinum blonde / light blonde hair.   Lunatik Hair Dye is designed to be non-damaging and will not lighten your hair.  It is not very effective on dark hair.

Not for use on eyebrows or eyelashes.


Hair color results will initially appear more concentrated and darker and will lighten / fade with each wash.  You can reduce the hair coloring time to 20 minutes or mix with conditioner if you want to start with a lighter shade.

Due to the color intensity of this dye, the first 1-2 shampoos will have a significant amount of color bleeding in the shower during washing.  During the first couple of days we recommend keeping your hair away from light-colored clothing or light-colored pillow-cases.  After this, bleeding should be minimal.

For extra long-lasting dye and to prevent fading, you can add a little bit of dye to your regular conditioner. This will infuse your hair with more color each time you condition.

Our hair dye is designed to be extra long-lasting and lasts 6-12 weeks but can fade faster due to the following factors:

  • Frequent shampoo / washing.   We recommend you limit washing your hair to 1-2 times a week to keep your hair healthy and maximize color intensity.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun. (the vampires don’t like the sun, it makes our colors fade faster and can dehydrate your hair)
  • Exposure to water, particularly chlorine pool water or salt water.

All of our hair dyes have compatible formulas and are meant to be combined to create new colors, so feel free to create your own colors!

Bleaching Tips:

As with any other alternative hair dye colors, if your hair is dark, we do recommend bleaching your hair before using our hair dye to get the most vibrant results. If your hair is already dyed a dark color, we recommend using a ‘hair color remover’ before bleaching it. Bleaching your hair is a delicate process and if you have the budget for it we recommend having your hair professionally lightened at a salon. However we know many of us are all about DIY, we do still recommend getting a friend to help out and here are some tips for keeping your hair healthy.
We recommend ‘Volume 20’ hair developer to minimize any hair damage, plus bleach powder which can be obtained at most beauty supply stores.

  1. Wear protective / latex gloves to prevent getting bleach on your hands.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly or oil to hair line, ears and neck to prevent any bleach contact.
  3. (optional) Apply coconut oil to your hair to keep it healthy and prevent damage.  This will however make the bleach slightly less effective.
  4. Mix the liquid developer with the powder bleach to get a creamy consistency.
  5. Apply to hair that needs to be lightened.  Start at the roots and apply in sections.  Do not massage into scalp.
  6. Leave in for 30 minutes or follow the bleach package instructions.   For enhanced results, apply heat with a blow dryer on ‘low’ setting.
  7. Rinse out and thoroughly condition your hair.

If the bleach results are not completely even, it is fine and will give you slight highlights when you dye your hair. While you will get the most vibrant results with light / platinum blonde hair, our hair dye also works well on medium-blonde / dirty-blonde hair.